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One goal, one passion- We like fast – the same way the technology market moves. In the time it takes you to say “I’ve got a great idea”, someone else has already started working on a similar project half the world away. Tell us about your idea, and We will Make your Ideas our own, Create and execute them. Agile startups need to create MVPs to quickly sense and adapt their business ideas. We keep our spectrum enlarged enough to invite the fresh outlook. We create MVP( Minimum Viable Product) as per your Vision with respect to the Business in Only 30 days for just USD 7K. We have worked from complex idea to seamless experience, we engineer scalable, intuitive, and reliable solutions at speed. Our app solutions enable you to have a seamless transition and upgrade to pace up with the market.

What is an MVP?

MVP is a “Minimum Viable Product” utilized for advancement Programming having enough components which illuminate the essential thought behind the item. It is extremely useful to make “MVP” first as opposed to a fully outfitted item to dispatch in the market since it might clear your mind where your idea stands in the market. You can Launch your item with two methods Beta Product Launch and Pilot Product Launch.

Pilot Product Launch

Pilot Program is a low investment project that helps a company learn how major project might work in practice. They need to study every aspect of the market like rivals, substitute items, client prerequisites. Group of end users try the system and provide the feedback before the full deployment of the system.

Beta Product Launch

It is prescribed that before propelling any full Outfitted item in the market first, you should dispatch a Beta Variant of it. This makes you ready to do additional changes in the final item if any negative reviews come in place. In this sort of program, dispatch the maximum finished item in the market to check the audit of the clients in regard to the item. There is a little contrast amongst Beta and Pilot product launch.

latest Works

The most recent startups who proved their concept quickly with the MVP built for just 7K

Credit Karma
Hello English
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curious minds
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Cupcake factory
Fashion magazine
Our Working  Process

We as your Development Team need to think about each aspect that you need to incorporate into your venture. It will help us get a clear idea about your startup plan. Center components essential to construct an MVP will be incorporated. It will take 7 days for exchange and we will build your MVP in 30 working days.


Heads up Discussion

Eliminating the unnecessary solves many problems. Our focus remains on the solution-driven pathway. For that, we need to get to the bottom of your vision. We need to know your values and venture from head to toe, as your group of second-time organizers, we need to know your venture from head to toe. At that point, we will help you pick the center elements you have to complete things to dispatch the MVP within 30 days.


Outline The Process

From concept to design and development to deployment, we transform and execute the complete product engineering process for enhanced results. For that we need to get required information about the idea, the following stride is an outlining which we begin subsequently to make your vision clear. We are the specialists building up the item outlined in 2 basic strikes: UX wireframes, UI mockups.


Execute the Plan

We enable you to bring resonance between an idea and the technical and business requirements. Every technology startup is different, but the recipe for what makes a successful startup business plan is the same. So our TechAhead executes your idea to be coding at Backend with across speed, expansion, and growth phases to develop exceptional apps that get used over and over again.


Test Drive & Lift Off

This is an important phase for any app. At this stage, we ensure that your application is free from bug and issue that may emerge while making it work in the real world. We test it with various parts of the testing procedure. We will settle every bug and issue. We resonate with you and empathize with you in panic situations, so we will give you full support in the future.

Who needs  7k startup?


The 7k startup is favored by those business people who have some Ideas and need to Implement them to acquire good earnings. We will give you the MVP as indicated by your vision in 30 working days for 7k USD. After testing the MVP, and promoting it well in the market, we can make a full outfitted item for you to dispatch in the market.

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